Justin Bieber Arrested, Mug Shot Revealed, All Of The Tears


Well, this sucks! ICYMI, Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami on DUI and drag racing-related charges because Jan. 23, 2014 is apparently the worst day in the history of the world ever as foretold by Nostradamus or something. (Related: I’m the dramatic one.) Here’s Justin’s mug shot, if you can handle the truth, and here’s the Bieber arrest police report. (It ain’t pretty, kids. And remember: CALL A TAXI! THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE FOR!)

Don’t worry, we can’t handle it either.

But seriously, how awful! We’re just glad that nobody — including the “Hold Tight” singer! — was hurt in the incident. And that’s about all our inner Belieber is glad about, because JUSTIN BIEBER GOT ARRESTED. DO WE NEED TO SPELL THIS OUT FOR YOU!?

Wait, we do? OK, here you go: S-A-D. Oh, you were being sarcastic? NOT THE TIME.

If you’re a Belieber, then your entire world probably feels like it’s gotten flipped and turned upside-down, and not in the kooky, fun “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” kinda way. In, like, THE MOST TRAGIC MANNER EVER. Got the picture? Good.

Basically our emotional state RN.

Honestly, we’re kind of at a loss for words right now, so we’re just gonna let this Justin Bieber GIF wall handle emoting all of our shock, disbelief, helplessness, hopelessness, melancholy, anger, and, most of all, SADNESS. At least there’s the upside of getting to stare at JB’s beautiful face? Ugh, not enough…

+ If you need us, we’ll be huddled in the corner basically reenacting that video of a three-year-old girl crying over Justin Bieber. Bye.


Photo credit: Getty Images, Miami Police, @1TD / GIFs: biebs-gifs on Tumblr, Perez Hilton, Sneak Hype, Zap2it