Austin Mahone Teases His Sensual New Song, 'Mmm Yeah,' Along With Our Hearts

REJOICE! You can now listen to a 10-second-snippet of Austin Mahone's "Mmm Yeah" featuring Pitbull.

Listen to a 10-second snippet of Austin's "Mmm Yeah."

What's the only thing better than finding out that Austin Mahone's new single featuring Pitbull is called "Mmm Yeah"? Discovering that a 10-second snippet of "Mmm Yeah" is available for you to listen to RIGHT NOW! MMM YEAH, BABY!!!!

While we only get a short taste, it's enough to know that the uptempo dance-pop banger is about Austin laying eyes on a hot chick. But, instead of saying something super suave, bro gets all tongue-tied! "I asked her name/ But she turned away/ As she walked/ All that I could say was/ Mmm mmm yeah yeah." It's TOUGH being you, isn't it, bb?

JK, Austin! We actually suspect that when you've got rock hard abs of steel, being you is probably wayyyyyy spesh.

Make sure to tune in when the full song premieres this Friday on New York City's Z100 radio station, and don't forget to pre-order the single on iTunes. Oh, and once more for emphasis: MMM YEAH! (Trying to make that a "thing," in case you couldn't tell.)

+ Listen to a snippet of Austin Mahone's "Mmm Yeah" featuring Pitbull.

Photo credit: Chase Records/ Cash Money Records, Inc. / GIF: GIF Soup