Unsurprisingly, Johnny Stimson's 'SO. GOOD.' Happens To Be SO EFFING GOOD!!!!

Johnny Stimson's "So. Good." is honestly SO. EFFING GOOD.

Hold on to your panties, gals! Johnny Stimson's on the premises.

Since this Polar Vortex is such a psycho beast, we're pretty sure that our usual warming-up trick -- sipping soup while wearing insulated footie pajamas -- isn't gonna cut it. However, we may have found a new solution to our perma-shivers: Johnny Stimson's sultry, sexy, hot little pile of melted butter of a record, "SO. GOOD."

And, just in case the song's title didn't tell you as much, Johnny Stimson's "SO. GOOD." is in fact SO GOOD!!!!

Set to a sparse R&B instrumental, the tune's like a heady mix of Frank Ocean, Miguel, and Justin Timberlake's falsetto, which, like, PROBS CANT GET ANY BETTER. As the slow track pulsates in the background, Johnny's vocals SLAY US as he casually croons: "I feel it in my soul/ 'Cause you make me feel so good/ 'Cause you make me feel so fine."

Honestly, we suggest you pay close attention to this kid, and no, it's NOT just because he's super-attractive and can probably sing your undies off quicker than Usher. He's gonna blow up this year... right after he sings your undies off.

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Photo credit: Johnny Stimson