Let’s Look Back At One Of Our Favorite Grammy Moments & The Greatest #covermoment Ever: Pink’s 2010 ‘Glitter In The Air’ Performance

Pink, aka “The Angel Of Perfection,” is responsible for one of our fave Grammy moments ever and the greatest #covermoment of all time!

You know how the 2014 Grammys are happening on Sunday, and today is Thursday? Put those two things together, and what do you get? A Grammys-themed Throwback Thursday! Obviously. Hello.

While there are endless amazing Grammy moments to reflect upon, we’re gonna take this prime #tbt opportunity to remind you of something very special: Pink’sGlitter In The Airperformance at the 2010 award ceremony.

Oh, pardon us — did we say “performance”?! Because we really meant “one-woman circus”! “One-woman stunt show“! Oh, and the most flawless, death-defying and simultaneously gorgeous #covermoment ever.

In case you’ve forgotten, Pink’s set that year was, how shall we say, on the more epic side of things. At the top of her performance, Pink slowly sauntered out on stage, wearing a white silky robe, only to drop said robe to reveal a sheer body suit.

And then…

IT HAPPENED. Magically, the “True Love” singer was lifted into the air on a white sheet, only to execute acrobatics most human beings couldn’t even name let alone perform.

Did we mention all of this went down while Pink was in HEELS?

Then, as the song built, water began to pour from above! Because rain = #DRAMA!

Obviously, the heels were an important factor in this #WaterDrama.


Paging Cirque du Soleil! Please collect your wig at the Snatched & Found!

Not sure about y’all, but in our book? Suspending yourself from the rafters of the Staples Center in front of millions of viewers wearing just a body suit is/was/will-forever-be the ultimate #covermoment. And let’s not forget that Pink is taking the Grammy stage this Sunday to perform “Just Give Me A Reason” with Nate of fun. so like, CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HER NEXT BIG #COVERMOMENT either. Our bodies are ready!

Our bodies are ready!

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