Our Dream Low-Key Sunday BFF, Taylor Swift, Went Antiquing Without Us

Taylor Swift went antiquing in Los Angeles, because she's basically our actual BFF.

PLEASE take us antiquing with you, Taylor!

UGH! My friends never want to go antiquing with me! (Why?!?!) That's why when I saw this photo of Taylor Swift shopping for old knickknicks, I basically went to my happy place. Tay and I could do this together! IT'S A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!

There is only one flaw in my amazing antiquing dream, however: Taylor may or may not even know I exist. #Sigh

Anyway, judging by Taylor's effortless poise in the picture, it looks like the Grammy nominee had a relaxing time treasure-hunting in Los Angeles along with her parents. (Just for the record, it's not Taylor's first time at the antiquing rodeo. Girlfriend clearly knows how to hunt for second-hand gold.)

She's probably trying to keep life all low-key before her big Grammys performance on Sunday, and -- HELLO! -- is there a better chill-day activity than hitting up some dusty-ass shops full of ancient trinkets that smell like old basement?

Well, actually, I can think of a better activity: crocheting, obvs!!!! (Speaking of which, HELP ME. Apparently, I'm an old woman trapped in a young man's body.)

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News