Wanna Buy Austin Mahone's New Song, 'Mmm Yeah,' Featuring Pitbull? Obviously, The Answer Is 'Mmm Yeah'

Austin Mahone and Pitbull's "Mmm Yeah" is available for pre-order!

Def go and pre-order Austin Mahone's new Pitbull-assisted single, "Mmm Yeah."  

OMG! "Mmm Yeah," Austin Mahone's new single featuring Pitbull, is now available for pre-order! Are we excited? Mmm yeah, we're excited! Is this news damn good? Mmm yeah, that's daaaaaaamn good! Is the fact that Austin titled his new track "Mmm Yeah" completely amazing? Mmm yeah, it is!

Listen to Austin Mahone's new single "Mmm Yeah"

What's funny is that we were just saying "Mmm yeah!" a whole bunch last night. Wait, why was that? What were we doing last night? Oh, that's right! STARING AT A BUNCH OF SHIRTLESS PHOTOS OF AUSTIN MAHONE.

Pre-order Austin Mahone's new single, "Mmm Yeah," featuring Pitbull on iTunes.

It's like we have ESPN or something!

We're especially jazzed about his usage of "Mmm" in the title, since that sound hasn't been presented so prominently since Hanson's "MMMBop." Remember how that turned out? MMMAzing! #OnomatopoeiaComedy

Anyway, we've still got a bit of a wait to go for the "Banga Banga" singer's song to officially hit digital retailers (Jan. 26). But FYI, though, you pay only 69 cents when you pre-order the single on iTunes. So, like, MAYBE GET ON THAT, MAHOMIES???? Or, in the words of Mr. Worldwide himself: Dale!

Photo credit: Chase Records/ Cash Money Records, Inc.

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