Justin Bieber, You Take That Cuban Cigar Outta Your Mouth RIGHT NOW!

Justin Bieber smoked a cigar, and we are NOT here for this!!!!

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes some people are GROUNDED.

OK, Justin Bieber, we need to have a little talk. We know that you're 19 years old now. Like most guys your age, you're getting tattoos, experimenting with mustaches, cutting mad freshies on the pow pow (translation: snowboarding, my lad), twisting the night away at the malt shop, etc. And we're super cool with all that.

Justin Bieber, you take that cigar out of your mouth right now!

One thing we're NOT cool with? The Cuban cigar you're smoking in this Instagram photo and what it will do to your health, your voice, and -- perhaps most importantly -- YOUR RADIANT SKIN!

Like, wanna know who else smoked?? Lots of people in the 1800s! Know what happened to them?? THEY'RE ALL DEAD. (OK, so that's probably 'cause it was over a hundred years ago, but still! All that smoking back then probably led to a couple early passings.)

Oh, and Justin? Last thing: Remember how Cuban cigars are NOT LEGAL IN THIS COUNTRY? Yep, not allowed according to the United States.

So, given the legal, medical, vocal, and dermatological risks, we suggest that you swap out that Cuban cigar for a juicy Cuban sandwich! Or a healthy man crush on Mark Cuban! Basically anything else. #ToughLove

Photo: Justin Bieber's Instagram / GIFs: Brightest Young Things