Thank You, Austin Mahone, For Plastering The Internet With Shirtless Selfies And Videos

Austin Mahone has plastered the Internet with shirtless selfies and Vines, and we are COMPLETELY here for this.

Almost didn't see you behind all those pecs, Austin!

Oh, Austin Mahone, we are thankful for so many things about you: your signature "What About Love" arm-swinging, your endless endeavors to bring iPhone apps like "Fruit Ninja" to life IRL, your unfaltering commitment to Sparkle Motion Trukfit, etc. But today, we'd like to thank you for plastering Instagram and Vine with a bunch of shirtless selfies and videos.

Sure, we're still waiting on that new lyric video to drop -- which, BTW, will be titled "Mmm Yeah" and will feature Pitbull -- but hey, you can't always get what you want. Except in this case, because what Mahomie in their right mind doesn't want shirtless Austin visuals, amirite? SPOILER ALERT: I am.

On top of this Instagram picture, the "Banga Banga" singer also posted a sans-shirt video of himself singing Chris Brown's "Take You Down" on Vine.


Oop, we're sorry. We momentarily lost all control of our nervous system after re-reading that sentence to ourselves. Won't happen again!


Ack, we couldn't help ourselves. For the last time, we promise we will never read that sent --


That's it, better quit while we're ahead. No more reading! Let's just watch Austin be all shirtless and serendade-y instead.

+ Watch a shirtless Austin Mahone sing Chris Brown's "Take You Down."

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram