Let’s Salute Beyonce And Jay Z’s Reported Grammys Performance With A Look Back At Their ***Flawless Past Duets

Completely sure they woke up like this.

When news broke that Beyoncé and her husband, Jay Z, would reportedly perform together at the 2014 Grammy Awards, we immediately thought: “Well, that’s it. Better call in sick, because there is no way our bodies will ever be able to recover enough to sit at a computer all day working.”

Once that plan fell through, however, we couldn’t help thinking about what the pop-music power couple would bring to the stage on Jan. 26. Which song would they whip out? The Grammy-nominated “On The Run (Part II)“? Current single “Drunk In Love“? A classic like “Crazy In Love“?

And, what about the concept? Flaming rings of fire? Finely honed trapeze artistry? Gimmick-less vocals that need no bells and whistles? BEES?!

OK, probably not bees. But, if Bey and Jay’s past performances together from the last decade are any indication, we’ve got a whole lot of toned abs, simulated #SURFBOARDT-riding, and thrown-up diamonds coming our way. Let’s look back at our fave live sets just to make sure we’re as emotionally prepared as possible.

1.) “Baby Boy” and “Crazy In Love” at the MTV Video Music Awards, 2003

Somehow, despite the fact that Beyoncé enters the stage by writhing down from above, Jay Z’s cameo towards the end of the VMA performance is definitely the most memorable part of the 2003 VMA performance. Well, second most memorable, after Bey’s 87 pounds of fiercely whippable hair.

2.) “Déjà Vu” at The BET Awards, 2006

White diamonds! Elizabeth Taylor would CERTAINLY approve. Could the glittery gem-themed performance have been a reference to Jay’s famous hand sign? Like, he comes on stage to support his lady, who meanwhile is supporting her guy with a diamond-encrusted design? WHO CARES! Look how cute they look together.

+ Watch Beyoncé and Jay Z perform “Déjà Vu” at the 2006 BET Awards.

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