We Are The In Crowd Remind Us We're All Weird Kids In Their New Song, 'Long Live The Kids'

 Listen to We Are The In Crowd's new song, "Long Live The Kids."

Long live the kids, especially the weird ones.

The last time we saw We Are The In Crowd, singer Tay Jardine was enacting a pretty brutal revenge plot against a dude who'd done her wrong in the group's "The Best Thing (That Never Happened)” video. Jardine and the rest of the Poughkeepsie, N.Y. five-piece are somewhat more forgiving and understanding in "Long Live The Kids," the latest single from their upcoming Weird Kids album due out next month.

There's a reason we named Jardine one of the 15 Fresh Females Who Will Rule Pop In 2014: She's as uplifting and inspirational on "Love Live The Kids" as she was downright intimidating in the previous video. Pretty sure that's called range!

The song begins as a plaintive piano and strings ballad, with Jardine weaving a tale of small-town friendships gone sour and restrictive expectations that keep people from becoming themselves. "It's all lies to keep you in line," she sings, before the song builds to a boisterous climax of guitar power, closing with a defiant drum-and-vocals sing-along. "You can't tell us no," she shouts in gang harmony.

"Growing up in a small town, it was always difficult to see opportunity. But I had to look past it and stay determined,"  Jardine said in a press release. "'Long Live The Kids' really represents staying true to yourself and holding on to your dreams, even when your surroundings doubt you. Capture that feeling of being a kid -- when you were braver than ever and inspired by a tall tree to climb."

With that attitude, there may be hope for the Weird Kids, after all.

+ Listen to We Are The In Crowd's "Long Live The Kids."

Photo credit: Hopeless Records, Inc.