Meet Anise K And Bella Blue, The Australian Artists On Lance Bass’ New Song, ‘Walking On Air’

Say hi, hi, hi to Lance’s new friends.

After 12 whole *NSYNC-less years of waiting, former boy-bander Lance Bass has finally dropped some new material on us! First and foremost, we must say that we are SO into this. After all, Lance tooootally slayed his choreography during the *NSYNC reunion at the VMAs, and that kinda rhythm shouldn’t go to waste.

A bonafide, Ibiza-ready club banger, Lance’s new project is a collabo with Anise K titled “Walking On Air,” and it also features Snoop Dogg and Bella Blue.

Obvs, the D-O-G-G needs no introduction…

But, just in case you’re not totally up to speed on the rest of Lance’s famous friends, here’s the 411.


Anise K is an Australian artist, producer, and songwriter. His first single was actually an earlier, Lance-less version of “Walking On Air,” which was released in Australia and Belgium and featured guest vocals from Snoop, Bella, and Belgian singer Ian Thomas.

The song shot up the Australian charts, making him a bonafide superstar down under.


Prior to going solo, this 20-year-old pop-R&B singer was a member of Fine Chynah, who, we’ve decided, may or may not have the best band name ever in existence. She’s currently recording various projects in Japan and Russia.

All caught up? Perfect. Now, from what we gather, Anise K had the brill idea to take his smash record and add different singers from different countries. Basically, the song is so unstoppable that it needed SEVERAL passports.

Naturally, Lance was the best choice for the American version of “Walking On Air” because, well, do you SEE that punim? If that epicenter of cuteness doesn’t say USA, then we’re not sure what does.

Bass fans (#BassPlayers?) should also be on the lookout for the official video, which, per Lance’s Instagram, will premiere this Friday on Yuss.

+ Listen to an iTunes preview of Lance Bass and Anise K’s “Walking On Ar” featuring Snoop Dogg and Bella Blue.

Photo credit: Global Vision Entertainment, TKTK, Reverb Nation / GIF: Giphy

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