Justin Bieber Takes A Break From Snowboarding To Pout Our Hearts Into Submission

Olympic snowboarder or Justin Bieber? HARD TO TELL.

The Winter Olympics are right around the corner, and Justin Bieber is getting into the SPIRIT! Along with playing hockey, the Biebs has spent the past few days totally shredding it on the slopes.

Justin took to Instagram to share a collection of photos from his snowboarding adventures. And like, while we tooooootally get the tingles from this adorable pic of JB and his pals feeling victorious after a tiring day, it’s this selfie where the “Hold Tight” crooner whips out his patented “Adorable Pout,” all but seducing us with his eyes, that REALLY gets us.

He captioned: “Find me shredding on the mountain.” OH, WE WILL. Just like we will also remind you to PLEASE WEAR A DAMN HELMET! Legit, how many times have we had to plead with you to protect your precious punim!

On the bright side, though, at least JB has momentarily rid himself of that severely polarizing mustache. So, we’ll take what we can get. #ButSeriously #WearAHelmet

+ Watch Justin Bieber snowboard down the slopes.

Embedded from instagram.com.