Joe Jonas Picked Up The Luckiest People EVER And Took 'Em On A Froyo Date!

Joe Jonas picked two lucky people up in an Uber car, and then they all get Pinkberry!

Wait, Joe Jonas is a froyo chauffeur now?!

Full disclosure: We are NOT getting paid to promote Uber. But, when it becomes even remotely possible that Joe Jonas could drive us somewhere all because of the cab/ rideshare service, WE WILL FANGIRL THE EFF OUT FOR IT!

Imagine, you're casually using the service to carpool, and then BOOM! The middle-est (former) member of the Jonas Brothers picks you up! WUT?!?! Well, that's exactly what happened to Joe's Twitter follower, @lindseyfarwell.

And if that weren't enough, Joe took Lindsey and her friend on a Pinkberry date! The lucky rider then tweeted a photo of THE MOST AMAZING CARPOOL EXPERIENCE EVER, probably so the rest of us could cry over the fact that we are at the mercy of public transportation.

I mean, what else could you even ask for in life???? Froyo with a Jonas?!?! NOTHING.

Actually, I would've asked Joe to drive me around town, stopping at some of my haters' houses with the windows rolled down, screaming: "JOE JONAS IS MY CHAUFFEUR! I WINNNNNN, SUCKAAAAZ!"

But, you know, that's just me.

Photo credit: @lindseyfarwell