Rihanna Jumping On A Trampoline Is Your New Happy Place

Rihanna is super smiley while jumping on a trampoline!

Is trampoline-ing the new Pilates? 

Truth time: When we woke up this morning, we didn't, under any circumstances, predict that we'd see Rihanna rocking out on a trampoline.

Rocking out on stage? Yep! Rocking out on a private jet? You're damn right. Rocking out with Shakira? You bet your ass, because "Can't Remember To Forget You" is the JAM. But a trampoline? That feels new.

Anyway, the tropical selfie-taker paused to bounce on a trampoline with her bestie assistant, Jennifer Rosales. And like, along with our dream that one day "Free Cone Day" will morph into "Free Chanel Bag Day," this vision of Rih hopping on a trampoline is totally the new "happy place" we go to in our heads.

Rihanna is super smiley while jumping on a trampoline!

How're you both standing on such a teeny, tiny tramp?!

Here's  the thing: We have no idea why Rihanna is on a trampoline, and we certainly don’t know why she's on such a cartoonishly tiny one, either. We don’t even know why she's trying to get Jen on this mini-ass trampoline WITH her. (That thing could barely hold a toddler, much less two grown women.)

All we really care about is how WONDERFUL we feel looking at it! In fact, it's sorta like having a full-body #namaste moment without maxing out your credit card on spa treatments at Canyon Ranch. In other words, SUCCESS.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram