Austin Mahone’s New Lyric Video Is Almost Here, And We Can Hardly Breathe

We dig the groovy look, Austin!

Did you hear the news? Austin Mahone got his very own time machine, went back to the ’70s, took this photo, and then zoomed back to the present to post it on Instagram as proof. GAWWWD, why do famous people get all the cool stuff first?!

JK, OBVIOUSLY. Time machines¬† aren’t real — yet.

This picture’s actually from the “Banga Banga” singer’s upcoming lyric video! Yes! A NEW SONG AND LYRIC VIDEO ARE BOTH ON THEIR WAY!!!!

OK, calm down, Mahomies! Breeeeeathe! Judging by Austin’s photo caption (“We shot the craziest lyric video for my new single yesterday!! U guys see the pics??????”), this new clip’s gonna be wild.

Like, that’s a green screen, isn’t it? Who KNOWS what they’re gonna throw behind ’em! A clothing-appropriate disco? Two-million puppies rolling around together?? No, wait — two-million Austins?! GAAAAAH, SOMEONE BRING US A RESPIRATOR.

Photo credit: Austin Mahone’s Instagram / GIF: VH1 Celebrity