5 Reasons We’ve Got Sam Smith On Our Minds

Get Sam Smith on your mind, and fast.

Back in 2012, Sam Smith sang the following on Disclosure’sLatch“: “Now I’ve got you in my space/ I won’t let go of you/ Got you shackled in my embrace/ I’m latching onto you.” As we enter 2014, his words seem more prophetic than ever — the world is ready for his embrace.

Following a year of building buzz, gaining followers, and dropping his debut EP, Nirvana, the British soul-pop crooner opened the new year already on top — literally. The BBC awarded him the No. 1 slot on their coveted Sound Of 2014 list.

But mind-bendingly, that’s not all. Sam’s already picked up a 2014 BRIT Award for Critic’s Choice, and the ceremony hasn’t even aired yet. Don’t worry, fans of suspense; boyfriend’s still got that Single Of The Year nomination for his featured vocals on Naughty Boy’sLa La La” up in the air, so you’ll have plenty to stress over come Feb. 19.

With Sam’s first studio album, In The Lonely Hour, officially slated for release on May 26, the 21-year-old seems poised to take 2014 by storm.

Despite how historically difficult it has been for British artists like Oasis or Adele to translate to the American mainstream (obvious sarcasm is obvious), we have a pretty good feeling about our boy, Sam. Did we say “good feeling about”? We actually meant “out-of-control obsession.” Zero shame in admitting that, and here’s why.


Vocally, Sam can reach from the raw, unrelenting power of Adele’s “Set Fire To The Rain” belts to the sweet falsetto honey Robin Thicke displays in “Lost Without You.” Sometimes, Sam even whips out both in the same performance, as he does in this live cover of Ry X’s “Berlin” for BBC Radio 1’s “Live Lounge.”

Call him a show off, sure, but don’t pretend you’re mad about it for one second.

+ Watch Sam Smith cover Ry X’s “Berlin” for BBC Radio 1’s “Live Lounge.”

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