James Blake Puts His Perfect, Moody Stamp On Beyonce's 'Drunk In Love'

Listen to James Blake's remix of Beyonce's "Drunk In Love."

 James Blake's about to ride it with his #SURFBOARDT.

It's no secret that James Blake is, like, the visionary of all visionaries when it comes to remixing. And boyfriend has a particular flare when it comes to reinterpreting anything Beyoncé.

His 8-bit remix of Destiny’s Child's "Bills, Bills, Bills" was a bonafide fantasia of old-school sounds and Super Mario vibes, and now he's undertaken another Beyoncé beat. Say hello to a super moody, ominous take on "Drunk In Love," which is just as impressive as his prior Bey-mixing.

Working under his Harmonimix persona, James' interpretation of the BEYONCÉ track is super eerie and creepy. Flanked by indecipherable, totally garbled vocals, we might even venture to say that Bey's original sultry record is, well, completely unrecognizable. (Oh, and sorry, Jay Z, but your part got cut! #SadButTrue)

Closing thoughts? If Beyoncé’s entire self-titled album was ever, say, remixed to soundtrack a horror film, James' "Drunk In Love” interpretation would lead the LP! And FYI, that's not a bad thing because, like, Bey as a "Walking Dead" zombie?! Hottest scary lady ever.

+ Listen to James Blake's remix of Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love."

Photo credit: Getty Images