Miley Cyrus' 'Morning Face' Looks Suspiciously Like Our 'Ready For A Black-Tie Event' Face

Miley Cyrus was up early, ready for some Bangerz Tour promo! Naturally, she looks near perfect.

Cute how Miley's "just work up" face looks like our "going out" face.

Good morning! Wanna know what Miley Cyrus looks like when she wakes up? Well, according to this Instagram photo, the "Adore You" crooner looks like a fresh-faced daisy who may or may not be wearing a full face of foundation. Except we're almost positive she isn't, which makes Miley's whole "lack of pitch-black under-eye bags" pill a little more difficult for us to swallow.

Like, we've been up for approximately 25 minutes, and we've only just brushed our teeth. There's mascara crust in the corner of our eyes, and it's possible that last night's eyeliner has now made permanent residence on our cheek. TMI, but #SorryNotSorry.

Anyway, Miley went on to explain why she was so early to rise, captioning: "Up & at em to do some radio & talk about #BANGERZTour Good thing I'm a morning person." (Get your "Bangerz Tour" deets here, BTW.)

And like... how cute that your morning-person face looks like everyone else's NIGHT-PERSON FACE! BRB, off to take a wheatgrass shot and buy some shellac for my under-eye region.

Photo credit: Miley Cyrus' Instagram