Lorde Teams Up With Her Dream Collaborator, Diplo, To Go… Tubing?

Lorde went tubing with Diplo in New Zealand because sure, why not!

Lorde and Diplo team up for some tube time!

How does someone like Lorde take a breather from winning at everything? (See her gazillion Grammy nominations and Rolling Stone cover.) She goes tubing with DJ beat-master Diplo, obvs!

It wasn't that long ago when the "Team" singer mentioned in an online interview that Diplo would be her dream producer, and now the two are splashing around under the New Zealand sun like total BFFs -- at least if Lorde's recent Instagram photo (cleverly captioned: "lil dip with dip") is anything to go by.

See, guys? Dreams do come true! The 17-year-old prodigy put a desire out into the world (wide web), and it HAPPENED! It's official: The internet is apparently your new dream board.

Wait... Actually, nevermind. Earlier today, The New Zealand Herald reported that Diplo was partially down in Auckland to see if Lorde would collab on his upcoming album. Sooooo, don't go spending your life savings buying every copy of "The Secret" ever just yet, we guess.

Whatever, we're just glad the two had a fun-looking hangout. Hopefully, they also used this time to hammer out some collabo details 'cause then they can call the playdate a "business meeting" and write it off on their taxes. (Tax tips are free of charge, BTW.)

Photo credit: Lorde's Instagram