Beyonce And Solange Celebrated Tina Knowles’ 60th Birthday With A Flaw-Free Masquerade Ball


When they’re not busy slaying the music game dead, sisters Beyoncé and Solange apparently double as party planners! (What, didn’t you see that private zoo blowout mama Bey threw for Blue Ivy’s 2nd birthday?)

This time, family matriarch Tina Knowles got the royal b’day treatment. And, based on the photos Bey just shared on her Tumblr, it was QUITE the masquerade-themed New Orleans bash the Knowles sibs threw for their mama last Saturday.

These faces are WAY TOO PRETTY to be hidden.

Before we get into the party deets, can we just wish Ms. Tina Knowles  a happy belated 60th? (Her actual birthday was on Jan. 4, FYI.) Not only did the woman give birth to Beyoncé, give birth to Solange, and design some of Destiny’s Child’s most ICONIC matching outfits, but Tina manages to look more stunning in a ballgown than most people half her age could ever dream. EVERYBODY #BOWDOWN.

Here’s Tina, arriving to the affair like the royalty she is.

Anyway, some highlights from the event: Mama Tina arrived in — brace for it — a horse-drawn carriage. Like Cinderella! And, word on the street is that a video montage coordinated by family and friends played on a big screen. #Emotional #JustLikeABatMitzvah

This photo of Bey dancing with her nephew, Juelz, is like one swift kick to the ovaries.

Famous guests included Jay Z (OBVS), Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson, Big Freedia, Kris Jenner, and Kendall Jenner, who were all decked out in full masquerade regalia!


Legit, this whole shindig sounds like the picture-perfect birthday party, thrown by picture-perfect daughters. The only thing that mayyyyybe could’ve made the party better would be if proud Grandma Tina had gotten to party the night away with little Blue Ivy.

Then again, Blue was probably off somewhere getting her beauty sleep, safely nestled in a cashmere blanket in a diamond-encrusted crib. But, that sounds like a bomb night as well!

Did they play “Hava Nagila” just for Kelly? Because that is some Bat Mitzvah reception REALNESS right there! 

Photo credit: Beyoncé’s Tumblr, Beyoncé’s Instagram

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