Justin Bieber's 'Hey Girl' Cameo Is, Of Course, Our Favorite Part Of Mally Mall's 'Wake Up In It' Video

 Justin Bieber's cameo is obvs the best part of Mally Mal's star-studded "Wake Up In It" video.

Oh, just your run of the mill celeb-packed rager! 

Allow us to be blunt: There are a LOT of famous people in producer-turned-rapper Mally Mall's video for "Wake Up In It." Like, you might actually get motion sickness trying to count them all.

In the Mike Ho-directed clip, Mally and his famous crew -- Tyga, Pusha T, Sean Kingston, French Montana, and Scott Disick (#?????) -- all party at Mally's Calabasas mansion! Amidst all the cigar-smoking, drinking, and general displays of badassery, the bros play a rousing game of poker. Hot babes are scattered all around the party (le duh!), and, before you know it, the gathering turns into a full-fledged rager.

And then, about two minutes into the otherwise standard "We're in a mansion and balling out, yo!"-themed party, IT HAPPENS. Justin Bieber magically appears! And, although he's onscreen for fewer than four seconds, he manages to melt our hearts by pairing his classic "Hey Girl" face with a quick tongue stick-out. #Multitasking

Justin Bieber's cameo is obvs the best part of Mally Mal's "Wake Up In It" video.

Again, the video isn't anything we haven't seen before, but then again, we're never ones to turn up our noses at a predictable-yet-well-stocked blowout! But, like, can we be invited next time? If only to say we were at a party where the Biebs' tongue was momentarily visible and in the "eject" position.

+ Watch Mally Mall's "Wake Up In It" video featuring Tyga, Sean Kingston, French Montana  and Pusha T.

Photo credit: Future Music Group / GIF: MTV