Just TRY Not To Ugly-Cry While Watching Lily & Madeleine's Breathtaking 'Tiny Desk Concert'

Watch sibling folk/pop duo Lily & Madeleine 's beautifully heart-wrenching Tiny Desk Concert

Meet Lily & Madeleine. They're sibling folk singers who could also be sibling MODELS! 

We love a good sister/ sister moment (#TiaAndTameraReference). Currently, we're getting our "talented sibling" fix thanks to Indianapolis-born sisters, Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz.

Professionally known as simply Lily & Madeleine, these stunning sisters are revving up to take the indie/ folk/ singer-songwriter/ music-so-pretty-you-might-ugly-cry world by storm. (FYI, they're also both teenagers -- Lily is just 16 and sister Madeleine is 18 -- so, that's something else to deal with emotionally!)

Lily & Madeleine's earnest and organic sound first gained recognition when the girls posted a video for "In the Middle" on YouTube. Quickly, it garnered, how shall we say, a CRAP TON of views. This caught the attention of Sufjan Steven's Asthmatic Kitty label, which then signed the girls. After that, the gals released an EP, The Weight Of The Globe, followed by a self-titled full-length album. #KILLINGIT.

What are the girls up to now? The adorable sibs already contributed a song called "Truth" to John Mellencamp's Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County album, and most recently, Lily & Madeleine dropped by NPR's "Tiny Desk Concerts," where they played selections from their new disc, "Devil We Know," "Paradise," and "You Got Out."

Armed with only a piano and a guitar, it's Lily & Madeleine's flawless harmonies -- we suspect a product of being RELATED -- that push them to the top of the folk-pop heap. In songs like "Paradise," the sisters blend their wispy vocals with gritty bass tones, which add serious roots to their ethereal vibe.

Basically, this is all just fancy, I'm-a-music-major talk for "Don't sleep on Lily & Madeleine, guys!!!! They're awesome."

+ Watch Lily & Madeleine's "Tiny Desk Concert" video.

Photo credit: Pascal Amoyel