Is That Demi Lovato, Or The Ancient Greek Goddess Of Bikinis And Beach Days?

Demi Lovato slays the beach game while relaxing and revving up for her "Neon Lights Tour"!

Demi Lovato or demi-GODDESS of light and sun?

Well, it's official, kids! This photo of Demi Lovato tanning her impeccably toned body all but confirms that she's actually some kind of Ancient Greek goddess (Demi-goddess????) of sunlight and beaches. Translation: DEMI STAYS SLAYING THE BIKINI GAME!

Naturally, the "Heart Attack" singer took to Instagram to share her moment of beach-day #ZEN, captioning: "2014... feeling healthy, feeling rested.. Y'all ain't ready!!!! #NEONLIGHTSTOUR."

So basically, to prepare for the "Neon Lights Tour," Demi's been working hard at, well, RESTING! And rejuvenating! And getting an even tan! We approve. HOWEVER, you and I both know that uploading this Insta is also toooootally an excuse to post a classy body selfie, LBR!

For the record, we don't blame Ms. Demetria one bit for wanting to flaunt her toned stuff. Legit, if we looked that good in a two-piece -- nay, EVEN A ONE-PIECE -- we'd syphon funds from our 401K to rent an LED billboard in Times Square to livestream our Instagram feed. True story. You do you, Demi!

Photo credit: Demi Lovato's Instagram