Rihanna Lets Her Hair Down In A Very Katy Perry In 'Roar'-esque Tropical Selfie

Rihanna served some Katy Perry in "Roar" realness with this tropical selfie in Brazil.

We're ROARING over Rihanna's beautiful selfie that she snapped in Brazil!

Hmmm, what do you do when you're hanging out in a lush, tropical paradise and the zillions of random bugs crawling on you gets old? (Ew.)

Well, if you're Rihanna, you let your hair down to serve the world a sexy Katy Perry in "Roar"-esque selfie, DUH.

The "Can't Remember To Forget You" singer's simple Instagram photo caption,"#brazil," gave away her most recent selfie shoot's location. And judging by the photo, there must be something magical about the sunlight and the humidity closer to the equator, because Ri is giving us all kinds of glowing flawlessness. (Well, more than usual).

Anyway, we can't think of a better vacay souvenir for Katy, aka Rihanna's celebrity BFF, than (unintentionally?) recreating a visual from her "Roar" video. We bet these besties totally trade selfie tips, too...

Actually, we can think of a better souvenir: How about BRINGING BACK SOME OF THAT TROPICAL WARMTH UP NORTH, RIRI???? 'Cause winter just ain't cute anymore.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram