Stare Deeply Into Niall Horan's 'Relaxed Face' Selfie, And Breathe...

Niall Horan of One Direction took the most peaceful, relaxed selfie on Instagram.

Niall in a hoodie feels like our safe place. 

IDK about you, but we are so calmed by this selfie that Niall Horan of One Direction posted on Instagram. Safely ensconced in one of those cozy hoodies with snuggly fuzzies on the inside, the “Story Of My Life” singer fondly captioned: "'I'm relaxed' face."

We like to call it the face we make every single night after we've come home from work and quick-changed into our "house clothes" -- aka a very forgiving spandex onesie. But hey, different strokes.

However, Niall, do you wanna know what we put over said onesie???? A cozy hoodie with snuggly fuzzies on the inside! Great minds, boo! GREAT MINDS.

Maybe, we could, like, wear 'em together and lie quietly like platonic pals?? We don't even have to fully touch -- or even fall asleep! Perhaps just an accidental elbow graze and a super quick disco nap???? Let us know.

Photo credit: Niall Horan's Instagram