Lucy Hale Discovers Grindr And The Archenemy Of Basic Bitches

Watch as Lucy Hale plays "Guess That Sounds" with MTV News and discovers Grindr, Lohanthony, and more!

You don't know Lohanthony? GIRL, you have SO much to learn.

Lucy Hale may know what sounds good to her if her debut single as a country music artist, "You Sound Good To Me," is anything to go by. But, as we found out when we challenged her to a round of "Guess The Sound," the "Pretty Little Liars" actress might not be in tune with every noise in the universe.

While OBVIOUSLY Lucy didn't recognize Grindr, the gay meet-up app's, memorable "bloop" (LOL!), we can't believe she missed the sound of Lohanthony, our favorite pop-EVERYTHING Stan, famously "calling all the basic bitches"!!!! Didn't Lucy recognize his voice after his appearance on last week's "Teen Wolf" after-after show?!

Or, maybe we're just biased because "CALLING ALL THE BASIC BITCHES" is our morning alarm clock sound effect. #TrueStory

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Photo credit: MTV