Willow Smith Messes With Your Senses On The Ethereal 'Five' Featuring Jaden Smith

Listen to Willow Smith's "5" featuring her brother, Jaden Smith.

Close your eyes, and drift away with a little help from the Smith sibs' new track.

After taking some time off following a string of summertime singles in 2013, Willow Smith has returned to music with "5," an ethereal alt-R&B chiller that picks up right where "Summer Fling" and "Drowning" left off. Minus the unexplained faux British accents. But hey, Willow brought along big brother Jaden Smith, so no worries.

At the risk of being synesthetic, the track kinda sounds like what it's like to close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. (Don't know what "synesthesia" is? To quote Madonnna: "LOOK IT UP!")

This multisensory experience is probably intentional, though, as the lyrics all touch on what Willow feels, tastes, smells, sees, and hears when she's around the object of her affection. Oh, and the track is titled "5" so, uh, dead giveaway to the senses right there.

Above, beneath, and all around Willow's very rich, incredibly descriptive lyrics, an other-worldly instrumental swirls. (We'd venture to call it an pop-R&B reinterpretation of "FernGully," but that might just be the cover art influencing our opinion.) It's got the same sort of subdued breeze to it as Frank Ocean's "Sierra Leone" and "Super Rich Kids," with just a hint of Artist To Watch Vic Mensa's disorienting sound.

Speaking of disorienting, big brother Jaden's featured verses are sure out there. Shooting through space and mixing dreams with reality, he leaves you with a big question mark by the end of the track. Thankfully, "5" is such a joy to listen to that you'll happily rewind again and again in search of answers.

Which reminds us, we've got some listening to "5" to do. Later.

+ Listen to Willow Smith's "5" featuring Jaden Smith.

Photo credit: Roc Nation, Getty Images