Help! We’ve Been BLINDED By Ashlee Simpson’s Engagement Ring!

WARNING: Do not stare directly at Ashlee Simpson’s engagement ring.

Heads-up! We listed you (YES, YOU) as our emergency contact, so you may or may not be receiving a call in the next five seconds.

Why? Well, because in all the rush of introducing you to our 2014 Artists To Watch this morning, we almost forgot to take a second to freak out about the fact that Ashlee Simpson got engaged to Evan Ross!!!!

OK, back to being cool, calm, and collected. (Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s black-market horse tranquilizers.) JK, we’re totally not. Like, are you even looking at the same 4,179-karat engagement ring that we are?

Stupid question! Of course you are, because this rock is literally visible from every corner of planet Earth.

With such a scene-stealing accessory on her finger, it’s insane that Ash and her “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story“-starring man were even able to pose for this selfie. If we’d just been handed that huge-ass hunk o’ diamond, we’d just, like, cancel all our plans and STARE AT IT.

I mean, it’s so shiny… and big… and shiny…

Uh oh!

Our eyes! Our beautiful eyes! They’ve been blinded by the might of Ashlee’s engagement bling!

Um, did you get that emergency contact call yet? We think we really need some medical assistance. (Retinas, who?) Oh well, we may have temporarily lost our vision, but catching a glimpse of Ashlee’s one ring to rule them all was totally worth it.

Photo credit: @ashleesimpson / GIFs: Cinédramas, imgur, The, Random GIF Folder, GIF Soup, Giphy, SMG Photobooth