So... What Do You Think Of Miley Cyrus' New Teeth?

Miley Cyrus got some new teeth, and... Well, let's just say that Floyd Cyrus is none too pleased.

Uh, Miley, did you do something to your teeth?

Oh, cute! It's another photo of little Miss Miley Cyrus and her Alaskan Klee Klai pup, Floyd! Aw, it looks the two were lounging at home, foolin' around on Photobooth and... OMFG TEETH. I mean, er, does the "Adore You" crooner look a little different to anyone else?

After poring over the picture, which Miley Instagrammed on Saturday, we can confirm that these are in fact NOT the 21-year-old's real teeth. They're also not the same fugly grill Miley dubbed her "Bubba Teeth," but who knows, maybe she's building a collection of bucktoothed dentures?

Then again, Ms. Cyrus DID tweet that she was "wearing [her] invisaline for the 1st time in a while" on Jan. 5. And we're not a licensed dentist or anything, but we don't think that eating an entire "Party Pail" of ice cream by yourself would make your teeth SO gnarly overnight, right? Is Miley trying to scare Smilers into practicing better dental health??!! WE PROMISE TO FLOSS MORE, MILEY.

Whether these teeth are real or fake -- #SPOILERALERT, THEY'RE FAKE -- one thing is certain: Floyd is NOT into it. Li'l buddy looks like he's seen a ghost or something.

Photo credit: Miley Cyrus' Instagram