Jared Leto Won A Golden Globe! Let’s Take A Sec To Thank Jared’s Iconic Eyebrows

Shannon and Jared Leto win the eyebrow brother game at the 71st Golden Globes Awards!

Did you hear the news that Jared Leto won a Golden Globe for his masterful portrayal of Rayon in “Dallas Buyers Club” last night? Of course you did, BECAUSE IT’S A REALLY BIG EFFING DEAL!

Seen here after snagging his award, the Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman brought his brother/ bandmate Shannon along for the celebration. (Cute! Just like Taylor Swift and her brother Austin.) Not to veer too off-topic, though, but THOSE BROWS! We guess amazing eyebrows run in the Leto family?

Even though the “Do Or Die” singer made sure to name-drop his eyebrows in his acceptance speech (along with his “tiny little Brazilian bubble butt” #swoon), we feel like they deserve as much love as possible.

As you know, they went through just as big a transformation for the role of Rayon as Jared did. AHEM. Remember how Jared had to wax his eyebrows clean off?!?! #NEVERFORGET

I will remember you…

Will you remember me?

As cool as Jared might’ve looked during filming, thankfully he grew ’em back all beautiful and bushy. On behalf of the entire world, Jared, thank you for not depriving us of your gorgeous brows any longer!

+ Watch Jared Leto’s Golden Globes acceptance speech.


Photo credit: Getty Images, Jared Leto’s Instagram, Splash

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