Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney Finally Gave Us The Romantic Couple's Photo We've Been Dying For!

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney were seen kissing at a Golden Globes after-party!

Gaga and her man share the sweetest kiss at a Golden Globes after-party!

You're probably still swooning over that photo of Taylor Swift and her brother attending the 71st Golden Globes together, but you best catch your breath to prepare for another adorbz award show moment! It's Lady Gaga and her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, smooching at a Golden Globes after-party!

While there are a bunch of paparazzi-snapped pictures of the two floating around the Gaga-verse, it's so rare that we get such a high-quality portrait taken at such a high-profile event. Like, even rarer than catching the Lady without one of her patented, 40-pound wigs on -- which is to say, basically never.

They're both just so focused on their careers that they hardly have the time! But, why complain about what we've missed out on in the past? Let's dig in to this delicious, couple's photo-filled present.

Clad in a gorgeous gold lamé gown, the "Do What You Want" singer was photographed locking lips with her INCREDIBLY HUNKY actor boyfriend while attending the NBC Universal Golden Globe after-party in Los Angeles. (And, notice how Mother Monster showed up looking all kinds of glammed out and not in anything that can spoil?)

To be honest, kissy-kissy PDA isn't usually our thing, but there's just something about a swanky black-tie affair that classes up a game of tonsil hockey, amirite? Game on!

Photo credit: Getty Images