Emotionally Processing Shakira And Rihanna’s ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You’ — In GIFs!

The #SHAKIRIRI collabo is finally here!

Not to overreact (TOO LATE), but there’s a lot to process in Shakira and Rihanna’sCan’t Remember To Forget You.”

The seamlessly melded vocals, the rock-meets-pop-meets-reggae beat, the earworm-y “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh” hook, the fact that this goddess duet even exists in the first place — it’s almost too much perfection to handle.

So, full disclosure: Our immediate #SHAKIRIRI-action wasn’t the cutest thing in the world. (Our shirt might’ve spontaneously ripped apart at the seams.) After taking a sec to cool our hip-shaking jets, we’ve come back to our senses with a helpful approach to surviving this gloriously diva-filled day.

Just in case you’d like to avoid a very public, very tear-filled meltdown, follow our GIF-by-GIF guide for emotionally processing “Can’t Remember To Forget You” below.

You’re feeling more abused than a coffee machine at an office. THE MONDAY YOOJ.

When suddenly, you hear something.

Something REALLY good.

Could it be that Shakira and Rihanna collab? Do you just have to pee?!?! IDK!

No, it can’t be #SHAKIRIRI. You must’ve made the whole thing up!

But soft, what light through yonder flawlessness breaks! IT DOES EXIST.

IT’S. SO. GOOD. A feeling erupts from somewhere deep down underneath your clothes…

You unleash the loba inside, dropping dance moves in public.

You’re welcome for the choreo, Adam Levine/ WORLD.

Before stanning online, you prepare for the haters’ pathetic, sardonic, sadistic, psychotic comments.

OH, LOOK AT THAT. Everyone loves #SHAKIRIRI. You’ve never felt more proud to be a resident of planet Earth.

If this song can silence the haterz, imagine what it could do for world peace?

+ Listen to Shakira’s “Can’t Remember To Forget You” featuring Rihanna.

Photo credit: RCA / GIFs: Giphy, Shakira La Quiero A Morir, Wiffle GIF, Rebloggy, Tumblr’s nbcthevoice, Wiffle GIF, Latina.com, Tumblr’s nbcthevoice, Tumblr’s iheartshakira, Tumblr’s nbctv, Breathe Heavy

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