Here's Photographic Evidence That Taylor Swift's Maybe The Only Human In New York Unaffected By The Cruel Polar Vortex

Taylor Swift looks COMPLETELY unaffected by this Polar Vortex business on the streets of New York City.

Taylor Swift confronts New York's bitter Polar Vortex by remaining totally unflappable.

Looks like Taylor Swift just doesn't have time to get bundled up like a fool to brace for the evil arctic wrath that is the Polar Vortex.

Please. She's too busy being #fthawless (that's both flawless and thawed combined. You need a nice portmanteau when faced with negative wind chills.)

The "Red Tour" headliner was photographed strolling around New York City exuding enough confidence to melt the vile snow piles that have become one with New York's vile garbage heaps. (New York, I love you, but you're literally full of garbage and snow meteors right now.)

Rumor has it Taylor was actually in New York shopping for new apartments, which is excellent news because if the new mayor of New York doesn't work out for some reason, we'd campaign hard for Taylor to fit that role. First mayoral order of business? Mandatory cupcake-baking. Second? Adorable purple pea coats more readily accessible to non-celeb scrubs like us. And finally, cat cafes for all!

Photo credit: Splash News