Lea Michele’s ‘Cannonball’ Video: A Pronunciation Guide — In GIFs!

Don’t worry, you’ll get it right.

In Lea Michele’s arresting debut single, “Cannonball,” the “Glee” star sets her vocals to STUN, belting out the lyrics with all of her Broadway-trained might. Seriously, dare we say that the she even approaches CĂ©line Dion-levels of musical feelings-conjuring? SPOILER ALERT: We dare.

Thankfully, the Robert Hales-directed music video matches the powerful song note-for-note. As Ms. Lea finds her way (and herself?) in a once-lavish, abandoned mansion all “Let It Go”-style, the use of light and shadow dazzle without ever overshadowing the clip’s star.

But, visuals and those probably Barbra Streisand-inspired nails aside — hey, we all know Lea stans for Babs — we’d like to note one other important service that this video provides us: a pronunciation guide.

Yes, for who knows how long, we’ve not given the word “cannonball” the full flourish it deserves. To fully venerate this brave, high-flying, apparently metaphor-friendly noun, you’ve gotta dig deep down inside, tap into your Broadway enunciation bone (kinda like doing your Kegels, but more jazz hands), and let soar a mighty, resounding “CAH-NONE-BALL”!

Here, let Lea break it down.

Tens! Tens! Tens across the board! #brava

+ Watch Lea Michele’s “Cannonball” video.

Photo credit: Columbia / GIFs: MTV