Justin Bieber And His Little Sister Look So Cute That We Almost Missed The Return Of The Dirt 'Stache!

Justin Bieber and his mustache spend the day with his sister, Jazmyn!

Now, if only they made long, orange mustache wigs...

At first blush, you probably thought that this photo was all about Justin Bieber being the cutest big brother, posing here with his adorable, wig-wearing sister, Jazmyn. (Caption: "Me and my little princess." SWOON!)  And yes, you'd technically be right.

HOWEVER, upon second glance, we notice that this picture of the "Hold Tight" singer is actually indicative of something much larger: the return of Justin Bieber's mustache!!!!

Or, should we say dirt 'stache? Crustache? You know, that kind of faint-yet-noticeable-yet-could-be-mistaken-for-hot-chocolate upper-lip situation that the Biebs is sprouting up top.

Obviously Justin posted this photo to showcase how adorable the Bieber DNA line is, but we also think there's at least a follicular B plot cleverly hidden in there.

So, Earth to Selena Gomez? Please talk some sense into your probably-maybe-back-on boyfriend! This half-there, half-not mustache is as unclear as your relationship status.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram