Beyonce Conquers Her Fear Of Fans! Praise!

Based on this Tumblr photo, it looks like Beyonce has finally conquered her fear of fans!

Yoncé all on this fan like... a lady who likes fans.

Hark, loyal BeyHive! Throw down your rosaries, blow out your votive candles, and burn your dream boards, because Beyoncé has finally faced her demons and conquered her fear of fans!

(Also, because dream boards don't work. Sorry 'bout it!)

OK, so maybe we're exaggerating the "Drunk In Love" singer's whole "fear of fans" thing. But, if you had the dangerously fan-heavy year that Bey's had -- there was that metal fan that nearly ripped her hair off, not to mention that flesh-and-blood fan who pulled her offstage -- wouldn't you develop a phobia?

Well, whatever irrational, "Maury"-level neurosis might've formed, it's gone for good. As depicted in this photo Bey posted on her Tumblr, she feels brave enough to grab this spinning vortex by the horns and smile for the camera. Scared of lonely fans? Not Beyoncé!

By the looks of the other street art-filled photos on her dash, she and her husband, Jay Z, were exploring Miami's eye-popping Wynwood neighborhood. Perhaps all the creativity inspired her to step outside of her own comfort zone? #BeyInspired, guys. #BeyInspired.

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Tumblr