Remember When Someone Made Harry Styles Out Of Noodles? NEVER FORGET

Remember when Kabuto Noodles made One Direction's Harry Styles out of pasta? NEVER FORGET.

Insert "forking Harry Styles" jokes here.

For today's Throwback Thursday, we're only gonna wind the clocks back a teeny, tiny, Lady-Gaga-without-her-heels-on bit to August 2013 when someone created a portrait of One Direction's Harry Styles out of Kabuto Noodles and soy sauce.

Truly, a date which will live in deliciousness.

Late last summer, the U.K. was apparently under siege by a meme known only as the #noodledoodle, a competition launched by Kabuto Noodles where people made art using the brand's pasta. We repeat: While Americans were creeping each other out with #StarbucksDrakeHands, Brits were making art. #WOMP

Anyway, one woman named Sarah King elevated the #noodledoodle to the next level thanks to an eerily lifelike portrait of the "Story Of My Life" singer, complete with soy-sauce detailing on the hair. (Just the the REAL Harry!)

What happened next? Well, in a turn for the "War Of The Worlds," Louis got confused by the pasta portrait and tried to eat all of Harry Styles' hair IRL while wearing his patented "I BREAK FOR NOODLES" tee. Then, Beyoncé released a surprise album, and -- BAM! -- here we are.

Wait, did that really happen like that? IDK. History! BAI.

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Photo credit: Sarah King via Kabuto Noodles' Facebook