Here’s Every Coachella Lineup Ever, From 1999 To 2014


At long last, the hotly anticipated 2014 lineup for this year’s Coachella festival (the best time you can have while simultaneously sweating your balls off while wearing tie-dye crop tops and humble bragging by filling up your friends’ Facebook feed with endless photos of attractive people in attractive poses) has been revealed, and it’s an effing doozy. Stacked. TOTALLY KILLER.

Not only do you have your expected top-of-the-charts acts like LordeHaim, Calvin Harris, Disclosure, Lana Del Rey, and Ellie Goulding, but OutKast’s much buzzed-about 2014 reunion is officially a go!

So, in honor of the official 2014 lineup, we’re taking a look back at the posters and lineups of Coachellas past. You know, reliving the million-degree temps, the parties, the celeb sightings, the fashion, (except not you, racially insensitive white chick in Native American head dress!) and, most importantly, the rad bands!

1999: The inaugural year! During the festival’s Oct. 9 and 10 show dates, the heat was unbearable (surprise, surprise!), and the event failed to turn any sort of profit. That said, Coachella ’99 still boasted some awesome acts like a young A-Trak and The Chemical Brothers.

2001: Due to financial problems stemming from the heat-plagued year before, Coachella didn’t take place in 2000. But by 2001, the party was back in action. And although the festival was downsized to just one day, promoters were able to snag a Jane’s Addiction reunion to headline the event. Other notable acts included Paul Oakenfold and Fatboy Slim.

2002: We’re finally in cruise control! Coachella ’02 marked the festival’s first year without any major conflicts, not to mention some seriously bomb acts like a Siouxsie and the Banshees reunion and Prodigy.

2003: This year boasted the festival’s largest attendance to date! Coachella as a brand was starting to gain worldwide recognition. Oh, and having Interpol and Bestie Boys perform that year didn’t hurt, either.

2004: This was a big year for Coachella, as it was the festival’s very first COMPLETELY sold-out event! It was a bona fide hit in the music community, and notable acts included Radiohead (!!!!) and Danger Mouse.

2005: This was the year that Nine Inch Nails performed. Self-explanatory. I want to go to there.

2006: Not only had the festival become an international destination for music fans worldwide, but THIS WAS THE YEAR OF DAFT PUNK’S PYRAMID. You know, when the French duo unveiled their three-dimensional glowing neon prism, essentially changing dance music — nay, THE WORLD — forever?

Oh, and Madonna performed, so, yeah, if you missed it, you missed it.

2007: This fest marked the first year that Coachella extended into a three-day affair. Additionally, 2007 featured a Rage Against The Machine reunion — which boasted a record-breaking 10,000-person crowd — as well as performances from Arcade Fire and The Decemberists.

2008: A more difficult year for the festival, 2008 was the first time since 2003 that the music festival didn’t sell out. No matter, though, as the party raged on thanks to a DJ-heavy lineup featuring Aphex Twin, Diplo, and deadmau5. Oh, and Jack Johnson.

2009: Following what many perceived to be a lackluster lineup in 2008, Coachella promoters kicked things up a notch by booking Paul McCartney, The Cure, and The Killers. Or, in other words, THEY KILLED IT! #BandPuns #ThatsAPlayOnKillers #Oh #YouGotIt #Cool

2010: Wanna know what went down in 2010? More than 200,000, attendees, THAT’S WHAT WENT DOWN. Jay Z, Muse, and the Gorillaz headlined, though, so, like, DUH. Well played, Coachella!

2011: Coachella ’11 was the year of Kanye West and Lauryn Hill. But, the dance element of the festival expanded as well, with Skrillex and Afrojack taking over popular tents where everyone was surely enjoying a totally sober dance experience.

2012: Truly, 2012 was a massively ground-breaking year for the music fest. First, promoters announced that it would hold two identical festivals on back-to-back weekends. Second, during Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s performance, a hologram of the late 2Pac came up from under the stage.

And like, remember how after that, holograms became a thing?!  Groundbreaking.

2013: Ah, at long last we’ve reached the end of our time travels! Last year’s Coachella festival featured the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Of Monsters And Men, The Lumineers, and Phoenix. Most notably, perhaps, the first week wasn’t, like, DEATHLY SWELTERING. Hopefully 2014 won’t be either! But we’re willing to dehydrate, freeze (it gets SO cold in the desert, you guys) or even swear off festival selfies for Outkast.

Credit: Goldenvoice

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