Why Is Demi Lovato's Face Photoshopped Onto The 'Mona Lisa'?! Because WHY NOT?

Here's a photo of Demi Lovato's face Photoshopped onto the "Mona Lisa."

Demi delves into ARTPOP -- a "Reverse da Vinci-an Expedition" if you will.

Demi Lovato's beauty is timeless all on its own, but what happens when you put her exquisitely sculpted face onto one of the art world's most iconic masterpieces -- like, say, the "Mona Lisa"?

Um, what happens is that you get to experience what's basically the pinnacle of art itself! Oh, and you also get some new wall decor. BRB, Rasterbating this to hang alongside our collection of motivational "Hang In There" kitty posters.

Just in case you missed it, the "Neon Lights" singer tweeted this image back on New Year's Day. So, major #LatePass and all, but the photo's just too hilarz to pass up! Tagging fellow famous BFFs Naya Rivera and Big Sean, Demi added: "#MonaLisa #Lisamoanin'"

So, wait... Why does this pic exist?? Well, clearly it's a reference to Big Sean's "Mona Lisa," one of Demi's fave tracks from the past year.

But still, WHY DOES THIS PIC EXIST. Who made IT? Did they all Photoshop it together or something? Where was our invite?!  Sigh, just another reason why we wish we were famous -- THOSE TOP-SECRET CELEB HANGOUTS.

Photo credit: @ddlovato