Vanessa Hudgens Makes Ice Out Of Water Because MAGIC AND SCIENCE

OMG, it’s winter MAGIC!

Did you know that Vanessa Hudgens is not only an actress and a singer — ’sup, “Sneakernight”! — but basically a MAD SCIENTIST, as well?

Much like the rest of us, Vanessa Hudgens is totally curious about all this #PolarVortex weirdness happening right now. And, while our curiosity just sends us to the store for some extra gloves and thermal undies, Vanessa’s led her to conduct a scientific experiment on Instagram.

In the clip, she documents what happens when you throw a cup of boiling water up in the cold-as-eff air. Turns out, it cools down extremely quickly and explodes in a flurry of frozen vapor thanks to something called the “Mpemba Effect.” Hmmm, very interesting.

Amateur scientists ourselves, we’d also like to add: OMG COOL. Also: SCIENCE, U CRAZY. Please be sure to cite us in any academic papers made possible by our findings. Thank you.

+ Watch Vanessa Hudgens turn water into… ICE!

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