Vanessa Hudgens Makes Ice Out Of Water Because MAGIC AND SCIENCE

Watch Vanessa Hudgens turn water into ICE in this AMAZING Instagram video.

OMG, it's winter MAGIC!

Did you know that Vanessa Hudgens is not only an actress and a singer -- ’sup, "Sneakernight”! -- but basically a MAD SCIENTIST, as well?

Much like the rest of us, Vanessa Hudgens is totally curious about all this #PolarVortex weirdness happening right now. And, while our curiosity just sends us to the store for some extra gloves and thermal undies, Vanessa's led her to conduct a scientific experiment on Instagram.

In the clip, she documents what happens when you throw a cup of boiling water up in the cold-as-eff air. Turns out, it cools down extremely quickly and explodes in a flurry of frozen vapor thanks to something called the "Mpemba Effect." Hmmm, very interesting.

Amateur scientists ourselves, we'd also like to add: OMG COOL. Also: SCIENCE, U CRAZY. Please be sure to cite us in any academic papers made possible by our findings. Thank you.

+ Watch Vanessa Hudgens turn water into... ICE!

Photo credit: Vanessa Hudgens' Instagram