7 Reasons John Newman’s Gonna Blow Up In 2014

Get ready to love John Newman again and again and again and again…

So, we know that we JUST dropped our 2014 pop music predictions, but there’s one MAYJAH addendum we’ve absolutely got to make. If you’re not yet familiar with John Newman, U.K.-based soul-pop crooner extraordinaire, ummm… FIX THAT. You’re gonna be seeing a whole lot of him in the coming 12 months.

Although the British have been crazy buzzing on our dude for months now, 23-year-old John’s only just starting to make waves on this side of the Atlantic.

This past week has seen both the American release of his first studio album, Tribute, and his debut televised performance in the U.S. on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” — but that’s only the beginning. Here are seven more reasons why John Newman is poised for HUGE success by the time 2015 strikes.


John’s debut studio album, Tribute, topped Billboard’s U.K. Albums Chart following its October release, and it even spawned the No. 1 overseas single, “Love Me Again.” By the looks of the LP’s first-day sales on Jan. 7 (which boyfriend helpfully Instagrammed), Tribute’s about to do the same domestically.


Can’t believe we made it this far without mentioning THAT VOICE yet! John popped by MTV HQ on Wednesday for a mini-set consisting of “Cheating,” “Out Of My Head,” and “Love Me Again.” Somehow, those powerfully raw vocals are even more incredible live. So passionate! So intense!



In addition to being super talented, Mr. Newman’s really down-to-earth, too! We grabbed him for a sec to propose to him talk about his stellar success — which, believe it or not, has left him just as stunned as you or I would be!

Not only that, but John says that when he was performing on “Late Night,” he was intimidated to perform in front of Questlove and The Roots. CUTE.


Moving past the voice, you’ve gotta see Johnny boy’s feet in action. He’s got these very dynamic, Janelle Monáe-meets-Michael Jackson onstage moves that we peasants could only duplicate if our shoes were made of butter. Mmmmm, butter shoooooes…

You kinda need to see him in action. Check out the Bee Gees-assisted moves John busted to celebrate his 2014 Brit Awards nominations for British Male Solo Artist and British Single.

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