Justin Timberlake Celebrated His People’s Choice Wins By Balling Out At… TACO BELL?!

We’ll take 78 chalupas, please! 

Celebratory caviar, who?! Complete and total baller Justin Timberlake celebrated his massive People’s Choice Awards wins — Favorite Male Artist, Favorite R&B Artist, and Favorite Album — with a totally pimped-out group trip to Taco Bell!

Because nothing says, “I just won three awards, and you didn’t!” like some gorditas, Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos, and a pile of beef Chalupas Supreme! SCRUMPTIOUS.

Much like Britney Spears, who took to Instagram to thank her fans for helping her snag Favorite Pop Artist, Justin also took to the interwebs to give his voters a shout-out. Oh, and also to let ’em know what a REAL post-victory snack looks like.

Justin captioned: “What do we do after we win 3 PCAs?!?! Easy… Go to Taco Bell!! People’s Champ, baby!!”

Do those awards come with my gordita special?! 

Naturally, the “TKO” singer was MORE than happy to pose with the Taco Bell crew members, who, by the looks of this photo, were more than happy to pose with him!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, there’s a Taco Bell drive-thru in the 5-mile radius that is begging for our attention. Buh-bye!

Photo credit: Justin Timberlake’s Instagram