Your Official Jam Of The Week Is The Hood Internet's 'It's Still About Falling (HAIM x Robotaki)' Mashup, And That's Final

Listen to The Hood Internet's "It's Still About Falling (Haim x Robotaki)" mashup!

HAIM? Meet Robotaki. Robotaki? Meet HAIM.

Even though we're always down to listen to HAIM -- basically our favorite trio of L.A. sisters since Kathy, Kim, and Kyle Richards -- here's yet another reason to continue the endless (and almost unhealthy) obsession.

DJ duo The Hood Internet have uploaded an insanely killer mashup to their website that mixes "Falling" with Montreal-based electronic artist Robotaki's "It's Still About You."

The title? "It's Still About Falling," though it could easily be "Is It Blasphemous To Think This Might Be Better Than The Original? Plz Don't Tell Este, Thx."

In the simplest terms, ABX and STV SLV of The Hood Internet have laid Robotaki's music under the Haim sisters' harmonies -- except the former has been slowed down and the latter sped up. The result has a throwback '70s disco feel (so hot right now), much in the same vein as Donna Summer's "I Feel Love."

In other words, THAT PULSING SYNTH. Feel it for yourself below.

+ Listen to The Hood Internet's "It's Still About Falling (Haim x Robotaki)."

Photo credit: The Hood Internet