Faves On Faves! Jared Leto Kicked It With Liza Minnelli

Jared Leto and Liza Minnelli hung out, and no, you're not in heaven.

Why... ? How... ? What... ? Where... was our invite?!

Just when we thought that Jared Leto's shirtless Mexican vacay and Golden Globe nomination-filled life couldn't get any more epic, the Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman drops this photo of him casually chilling with Liza Minnelli on Instagram.

(BTW, that noise you might've just heard? That's the uncharted octave-exploring sound we make when our pop cultural worlds COLLIDE. We'll warn you next time.)

Just in case you're not totally up to speed on Ms. Minnelli's iconic status -- SHAME! -- the E.G.O.T.-winner is an effing big deal. Aside from being Judy Garland's daughter, she's pretty much dominated the performing arts for the past 60 years.

Hence, why Jared paid homage to Liza in his caption, "Me and the legendary Liza Minnelli." But, enough about the past, what about the future? Could this photo possibly imply that there's a COLLABO between the two on the way?!?!

Listen, we've seen Liza get down to Beyoncé’s "Single Ladies" during the wedding scene in "Sex And The City 2." We're pretty sure she could handle all the headbanging and stage-diving Jared regular whips out in his videos.

The question is, could J-man keep up with this perfectly executed "Mein Herr" chair work?

Photo credit: Jared Leto's Instagram

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