'Pretty Little Liars'' Lucy Hale Goes Cruising With The Top Down In Her Twangy New 'You Sound Good To Me' Video

Watch Lucy Hale's "You Sound Good To Me" video.

Get some down-home country goodness with Lucy Hale's debut music video.

Although you may know her better as one of the titular actresses on "Pretty Little Liars," Lucy Hale is a Memphis-born-and-raised Southern girl. And with the video for her debut single, "You Sound Good To Me," she seems eager to let us into her down-home world.

In the Philip Andelman-directed clip, we see Lucy and her gang of friends sharing a super-fun "What'll we do next?" kind of day together. (Think Felix Cartal's "New Scene.")

Driving down dusty roads in a yellow convertible, popping into roadside shops to try on literally all the sunglasses, closing out around a campfire under the twinkling of non-Christmastime Christmas lights -- basically Lucy and friends have the best day ever, and we are eternally jealous. #audiblepout

While the visuals roll by, we couldn't help but notice that Ms. Hale's giving us some really, really, really real country vocals. There's a boomeranging fullness to her unabashedly true-to-genre singing style that we're really digging. And the quick delivery that's giving us major Taylor Swift in "Our Song" flashbacks? Not mad about that one bit.

Although, we obvs love seeing what kind of dramz Aria stirs up every week in fictional Rosewood, we can't wait to see more of Lucy's Memphis side emerge when her debut album drops later this year.

+ Watch Lucy Hale's "You Sound Good To Me" video.

Photo credit: Hollywood Records