Even Waist-Deep In A Pool On The Cover Of Ebony, Mariah Carey Wears Her Heels, Darling!

Mariah Carey wears her heels, even when waist-deep in a pool with Nick Cannon on the cover of Ebony. Always heels, darling!

Does someone have a pool and a killer pair of heels they could lend us? Just wondering.

There is no shortage of excessively adorable couples photos of Mariah Carey and her hubby, Nick Cannon. But just in case, here's one of the couple cuddling in a pool on one of Ebony magazine's three February covers!

Ugh, OMG! Too sweet. No wonder these two made our Cutest Couples of 2013 roundup. #swoon

The happily married duo look SO aww-worthy, in fact, that we almost didn't notice that Miss Mimi is wearing full-on HEELS in the pool. We repeat: MARIAH IS WEARING HEELS IN THE POOL. BRB, worshipping.

It's not like we're super surprised, though, at "The Art Of Letting Go" singer's brazen display of legendary queenliness. Remember that iconic moment in diva herstory when Mariah worked out on her home StairMaster IN 4-INCH HEELS on MTV's "Cribs”? Heels, darling, it's ALWAYS heels!

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're gonna go hole up somewhere and read up on the love, "dem babies," and new music that Mariah hints at on her Facebook page. DREAM ISSUE.

Photo credit: Ebony