Star Spotting: Watch Austin Mahone Play A Riveting Round Of IRL 'Fruit Ninja'!

Watch Austin Mahone play "Fruit Ninja," but for real!

Who knew Austin had such strong knife skills? 

When we heard that Austin Mahone took time out of his busy schedule to -- brace for it -- film an impromptu IRL version of "Fruit Ninja," we were like, what the literal EFF?!

But, then we were like, whatever floats your boat, bb! I mean, we always encourage celebs to discover ways to let off steam. Some hit the gym, while others hit the Chanel store with their American Express Black Card. The point is: TO EACH THEIR OWN!

In case you're still stuck on a flip phone (’sup, Mom!), we'll remind you that "Fruit Ninja" is a popular gaming app that lets users slice through fruit with their finger! The more fruit you slice, the faster you win. Also, it is HIGHLY addictive.

Luckily for our collective jonesin', the “Banga Banga” singer had just the fix for us, sharing an Instagram video where he throws oranges and grapes in the air while feverishly trying to slice ’em.

Keeping doing you and all, Austin, but just promise you won't set your sights on "Angry Birds" next. #hideyourbirds #hideyourpigs

+ Watch Austin Mahone's live version of "Fruit Ninja."

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram