Here's Photographic Evidence Kylie Minogue Is Shooting A New Video

Check out this photo of Kylie Minogue on the set of her next video, possibly titled "Into The Blue."

Can you feel her heavenly gaze?

All the Lovers, prepare yourselves, because Kylie Minogue has a new music video in the works for 2014.

Oh, oh no, wait, this might've been too much showgirl overload for us to handle all at once. Uh oh... fading... time... time is ticking oh so fast... starting to black out... thinkin' 'bout giving up...

BRB, we need to take a seat and manifest tranquility -- i.e., do what we normally do. [INSERT SEAMLESS "LOCOMOTION" REFERENCE HERE.] OK, we think we're ready to continue.

Based on Kylie's dynamic pose in this photo, we're hoping that the clip will be another strut-heavy number in the vein of "Come Into My World” or "Timebomb." Although, who knows, maybe she'll whip some kinda "Love At First Sight”-esque surreal setting out of her glittery gold bolero. (Goddesses do that.)

As far as facts go, though, we'd love at least a couple more context clues for the vid, as nothing else is really mentioned in the photo's caption: "#Lovers yes it's true I was on set shooting the video for my first single!!!" The questions are truly as impossible to answer as the princess from whence they done sprung. #ThatWasEnglish

Don't worry, Kylie. We'll wait patiently for as long as you need. We'll just be over here, sprawled on the floor with the lights out all "Get Outta My Way”-style, quietly bawling along to "In My Arms" on a loop. No rush.

Photo credit: Kylie Minogue's Instagram