10 Celebs Who Are Winning The Selfie Olympics

Could Miley take the crown?

Another year, another set of memes! In case you haven’t heard of the Selfie Olympics yet — WHAT ARE YOU, 30?! — Twitter users the world over have been competing to top one another’s increasingly extreme, progressively ridiculous self-taken photos.

While most of our faves have yet to officially toss their fitted caps into the ring, are we wrong to think that Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, or any of the rest of pop music’s most social media-savvy celebrities have a shot at taking the title?

To give ’em an extra nudge of encouragement, we’ve rounded up their absolute best selfies from the past. See? Y’ALL GOT THIS.

OK, OK, and before anyone starts seething in the comments section, we know that not all of these photos follow the semiformal Selfie Olympics rules — that they must be taken in the bathroom and that they must include a prop.

But um… we’re gonna invoke some serious “RULES, SHMULES!” on that, ’cause these are famous people. Bye!

Here’s Ariana Grande serving some kitty cat realness, or at least sexy kitty cat sorority girl Halloween costume realness.

Meanwhile, Miley turns to her NAKED FAMOUS BODY IN THE SHOWER to snatch first place.

“Here’s me naked” seems to be a pretty common theme with our faves, and we are not mad at all. Here’s Nick Jonas!

And Nicki Minaj, who actually gets major points for her iPhone case. It’s so meta, it almost distracted us from the hardcore bondage nudity situation happening in the background!

Also going the meta route, Austin Mahone takes a selfie that features the selfie he just took. (Take that, “selfieception.”)

But why put in the hard labor yourself? Here’s a selfie of Rihanna taking a selfie that she didn’t even take herself. *aneurism*

Elsewhere on Instagram, it’s a vurry murry Christmas from Jared “I can see into your soul lol nbd” Leto from Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Quick note, celebrities: When deciding on a prop, why not settle on, well, another celebrity? Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato know what’s up.

Of all of ’em, though, we think Justin Bieber could win this thing for real. He just needs to bone up on the official rules. See, here he’s got the bathroom selfie pose down, but he forgot to grab a prop… unless you count his tween-stache… which we don’t.

Over here, JB gets mega points for creativity, snapping his photo off of a security cam — or is it Godzilla’s eyeball? Unclear! But what about the bathroom setting, man!

Ah, here we go! Justin’s got the restroom venue, proper mirror shot pose, AND a prop — his guns!

We’re sure that with retirement, he’ll only get better. Selfie Olympics wigs? Prepared to be snatched.

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus, Ariana Grande’s Instagram, Nick Jonas’ Instagram, Nicki Minaj’s Instagram, Austin Mahone’s Instagram, Rihanna’s Instagram, Jared Leto’s Instagram, Selena Gomez’s Instagram, Justin Bieber’s Instagram

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