MisterWives' 'Reflections' Has Us Ready To Crown Them The Next Golden Children Of Pop

Listen and jam out to up-and-coming pop trio MisterWives' new record, "Reflections."

Hey, MisterWives, how can we get our Instagram feed to look like this and nothing but this? Thx.

ALERT! Stop what you're doing this very instant, and listen to MisterWives' insanely infectious "Reflections." Then, proceed to freak out, die happy, revive yourself, and listen to the track again and again AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

To get a sense of the song, imagine the organic vibes of a female-fronted Mumford & Sons mixed with the stomp-clap sensibilities of The Lumineers, with a little bit of St. Lucia's gorgeous synth-pop sparks sprinkled throughout.

Lead singer Mandy Lee's vocals are ethereal and lush, seamlessly fusing with the track's colorful yet tight production. And that's not even mentioning those dance-pop hooks! Listening to "Reflections" is basically like listening to glitter. No, not Mariah Carey’s 2001 soundtrack -- we mean the real, itty-bitty, sparkly deal.

For having only played their first show together in February 2013, this up-and-coming pop trio -- that's drummer Etienne Bowler and bassist Will Hehir in front of Mandy -- seem like seasoned pros. Plus, well, they're all très attractive, which is always fun for us.

The title track off of the group's debut EP (out today), "Reflections" had us ready to declare it the "Top Jam of 2014" after only one listen. And after only 1,477 more listens, we totally stand by our initial gut reaction.

+ Listen to MisterWives' "Reflections."

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez